Loved ones go missing every single day. From children acting on curiousity to the elderly having an accident or falling ill.

Our service:

For a single purchase we provide a visible contact method, point of contact, and response.
Should your loved one be unable to explain who to contact, or how to contact them, our service is perfect. Our wristband can be shown to anyone, who can then contact us. We will then contact you and help re-unite you. Should you be unreachable, for whatever reason, we will contact the other points of contact.
We remain in contact all the way through the process until your loved one is safely back with you.

What we're not:

We are not an insurance policy, nor a guarantee. We can only act when we receive information.
We are also not pressure charity who will keep asking you for money. In fact we take no payment information.

Who are we:

We are a team of dedicated volunteers who wish to help reduce the stress and provide a little extra piece of mind.
That's right volunteers! Unlike large charities, we simply do not generate enough revenue from sales and donations to pay staff.

The concept:

The concept was formed from an idea proposed by aid workers who needed a way to track loved ones during crisis. And because of this FindMe will always provide a free service in crisis situations.
After conception we decided to contact a variety of different people and groups to see if such and idea could be popular. We received positive feedback from schools, parent groups, doctors, police, motorcycle groups, and many more.


As previously stated, we charge a single fee for the wristband. We never contact you for more money, we don't hold payment information, and there is no subscription.
Our other revenue stream is from donations, but they are not pressure sold. We have a simple donate button throughout this site which allows anyone to donate if they wish. There is no obligation, and we do not guilt sell. If you want to help, and can afford to give a little then we are really greatful.

Is it viable:

Since it's early stages, it really is too early to tell. But we've raised enough money to cover the financies for the first year. So we have a whole year to see if it's viable. We certainly hope so, everbody has worked really hard to get to this point.


We understand privacy is key. Which is why we never reveal any information about anyone using our service. Even in the even of an emergency, we do not provide any of your details unless explicitly instructed to by you.
To support this we've made our registration only require the minimal amount of information. There are fields to enter as much detail as you are comfortable with. But will accept a submission containing only the wearers first name, your first name, and a contact number. Obviously the more information we have, the more options we have should a call come in.


Should you have any questions, you can contact us. We are here to help.